Yesterday we looked into the sales development of the category “Drugstore” on Amazon DE:

Sales increased by about 24% yoy in 2020 and another 23% ytd in 2021.

Within the year we see a development comparable to the previous ones.

After more than a year of pandemic & with the holiday season around the corner, we picked the category “Gewichtsmanagement” for our deep dive. 

Since the lockdown is over and the days are getting warmer, people want to get in shape again, which is why the products could be of interest for brands as well as consumers.

The category covers products to lose or put on weight – depending on what your goal is – so we talk about protein, carbohydrate powder, sweetener etc.

The top brands in this category are Best Body Nutrition, Xucker, ESN and Almased.

Together they hold 27% of orders and 24% of revenue of the market.

This means the category is quite fragmented. And furthermore the products and brands included fluctuate over time. 

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