Yesterday we gave some sales development insights on the category “Toys” on Amazon DE: Sales increased by about 37% yoy in 2020 and by another 20% ytd in 2021.

Purchases were mostly driven by the pandemic – especially by families who had to find activities for their kids who were staying at home during the lockdowns and during summer holidays as well.

The “summer” finally arrived in Germany and summer holidays started in the first federal states. We decided to take a deeper look into the sub-category “Sandboxen & Strandspielzeuge” which could be of interest for brands and consumers.

The top brands in this sub-category are Simba, BIG, Intex and thorberg.  Simba, BIG and Intex account for 41% of the market in terms of orders. Simba, BIG and thorberg make up 49% of the market when looking at the revenue.

The toy industry is characterized by many changes and takeovers during the last decades but it kept many of the original brands. This is also the case with BIG and Simba, both belonging to the Simba Dickie Group. thorberg is a German-based seller brand offering childrens’ garden slides. Intex is a US-based brand offering swimming pools and water toys, which are can be found in this sub-category.

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