Yesterday we shared some sales development insights on the category “Grocery” on Amazon DE: Sales increased by more than 60% yoy in 2020 and about 40% ytd in 2021. 

Due to the summer season and the European Football Championship taking place at the moment, we decided to deep dive into the #bestseller category “Barbecuesaucen” this week. 

The first thing we found when looking into this category is that about 30% of the listed products are not barbecue sauces. Most of the “wrongly” listed products are actually spices, such as BBQ rubs.

Looking at only the sauces, we found that top brands in this category are: Sweet Baby Ray’s, SizzleBrothers, Lee Kum Kee and Blues Hog.

Sweet Baby Ray’s – an American brand – has the highest market share both, in orders and revenue.

SizzleBrothers is a relatively new German brand. Even though they only have one BBQ sauce in their assortment, they are still reaching second place with their market share – what a great success! It seems like their BBQ sauce is worth a try.

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