Yesterday we looked into the sales development of the category “Ligthing” on Amazon DE: Sales increased by 55% yoy in 2020 and by another 40% ytd in 2021. 💡

Let’s deep dive into the category assortment and take a look at the bestseller category “Lichterketten” this week: Now that it is finally summer, chain of lights brighten up our gardens and balconies. Accordingly, 55% of sold units are solar powered, 24% are battery powered and 21% require a power connection.

The category is very fragmented and dominated by Chinese based sellers. The top brands in this category are: Augone, litogo, Lezonic and OxyLED. All of them have a very similar market share.

As you can see from the data: Consumers do not buy based on the brand, but rather based on design and price.

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