Yesterday we took a deeper into the sales development of the category “Lighting” on Amazon DE:

Sales increased by about 55% yoy in 2020 and by another 30% ytd in 2021.

With the end of the summer season, we decided to deep dive into the sub-category “Außenbeleuchtung” (Outdoor Lighting) on Amazon DE: 

This category holds a broad variety of products to brighten up your garden or terrace – from path lights via LED candles through to pool lighting.

The top brands in this category are SONNENGLAS, FLOWood, Qedertek, Steinel and Philips Hue.

Taking a look at the category overall, it is very fragmented, i.e. lots of different brands are holding only a small portion of the market.

SONNENGLAS offers, as the name suggests, jar lights powered by solar power which is a fair trade iconic product from South Africa.

FLOWood sells solar powered lamps and torches and is a Chinese-based brand.

Qedertek offers solar powered fairy lights and lamps and is also Chinese-based.

Steinel, is a German-based brand, offering power connected outdoor lighting.

And Philips Hue sells  power connected outdoor lighting too.

The main sales volume is for solar powered outdoor lighting with a more decorative use. The main revenue is generated with power connected products with a more functional use.

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