Yesterday we looked into the sales development of the category Home & Kitchen on Amazon DE:  Sales increased by 38% yoy in 2020 and another 28% ytd in 2021.

Due to the broad assortment in this category we will deep dive into the bestseller category “Küchenmesser & -sets” this week.

This subcategory is very fragmented, i.e. there are many different brands available and purchased by consumers.

The top brands in this category are: PAUDIN, Victorinox, WMF, ZWILLING and Deik.

Victorinox is famous for its Swiss Army knives but also a best selling brand for kitchen knives on Amazon – not only in Germany. Zwilling and WMF – two very well known German brands – have a long tradition as manufacturers of knives respectively cutlery and cookware and are recognized and valued internationally for their quality products.

PAUDIN and Deik, are both Chinese based brands, available mainly on Amazon in Germany. These two brands are relatively young brands that managed to become best selling brands on Amazon DE. This is mainly driven by a significantly low price level compared to their European competitors.

Premium products sell very well on Amazon, as this can be observed by the high market share in revenue for Zwilling. Though, the mass market with high volumes is primarily reached in the lower price segment, dominated by Chinese brands.

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