Are you bidding on your own brand? No? Maybe you should!

And here’s why:

Usually, your products should appear first when shoppers are searching for your brand. But unfortunately this is not always the case. 

If competitor products are performing really well, they might still make their way into the results of your branded search. Furthermore, competitors, even though this is not specifically allowed by Amazon, could even bid on your brand to profit from the traffic your brand is generating.

This makes bidding on your own brand a valid strategy to defend yourself from competitors.

Even a small bid on your brand name should be enough to raise your competitor’s ACoS to a level that isn’t profitable anymore!

Another reason to consider bidding on your own brand is when products are showing up first that are not your most profitable or if you want to boost the performance of a new product.

This way you can optimize the order of the products that show up when shoppers are searching for your brand and make it suit your advertising strategy! For example, you could advertise a higher priced product on the search results page of a similar lower priced product to generate upsales.

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