Have you ever wondered if you should implement Amazon DSP into your advertising strategy? Here are three reasons why it is a good idea to use Amazon’s Demand-side Platform to advertise your products (even if you’re not selling on Amazon).

1. Detailed targeting & retargeting

The detailed targeting options of Amazon DSP allow you to reach buyers on and off Amazon at every stage of the shopping journey.

Thanks to Amazon’s huge data source, it is possible to target groups very specifically. Not only can you target your audience by certain areas of interest or lifestyle segments, but you can also choose to display your ads to customers who browsed selected category pages or viewed product pages of your competitors. The function to target people who left a product or category page without buying a product allows for extremely efficient retargeting. Targeting still undecided buyers is a strong way to get conversions, since oftentimes they are very close to making a purchase.

2. Simple ad creation

Amazon DSP helps to promote new brands, customer reviews, and special offers with dynamic e-Commerce creative that looks similar to an Amazon listing, which increases the credibility of your ads, since buyers are familiar with the layout. You can create display ads with the help of Amazon’s templates or video ads with the video creative builder. Should you not be satisfied with the options Amazon is offering you, you also have the option to use your own CI-conform creatives.

3. Link to your own online store
Advertisers don’t have to link their ad to a product page or a brand store on Amazon. There’s also the option to place so-called link-out campaigns, which allow you to lead buyers to your own online store. This way you can make use of Amazon’s in-depth targeting without actually selling your products on Amazon.

Do you want to step foot into Amazon DSP, but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you need help managing and optimizing your existing campaigns? 

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