The classic Amazon affiliate business has been generating visitors for the platform for many years: Website owners can place product offers from the Amazon Marketplace next to their content, pushing traffic from their channels directly into the Amazon world.

The Onsite Partner Program works in a similar way. In contrast to the affiliate program, it displays external content directly on the Amazon search results page (SERP) from invite-only selected affiliate partners, which already generate high traffic on their external websites.

This “slider” or “box” usually contains a headline such as “recommendations from our publishing partners” and best-selling products (respective product category) with top reviews. Having your guides show up on the first page of Amazon’s search results can leverage the search traffic volume, visibility and conversion rate. On the other side, the publishing partner gets commission for pushing your products.

However, if a seller or vendor feels that the brand’s content is inaccurately presented, they can contact their vendor manager or the content creator directly.

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