Save the date: Dec 7th 2021 @11:00 AM Amazon Market Insights Webinar – Category “Water Bottles”

Our last webinar was a great success, so let’s continue with the next category: this time the focus is “water bottles” on Amazon DE.

Everyone owns some kind of water bottle – for sports / fitness or simple daily hydration.

But what makes them interesting?

Did you know that 73% of the ordered water bottles are made out of plastic?

Perhaps a good way to stand out among the crowd would be by selling bottles made out of sustainable materials – e.g. VAUDE is offering drinking bottles (bio-based plastic) made out of sugar cane. 🌍

In Q2 and Q3 ~1.8 million water bottles were ordered on Amazon DE which makes a total of €32.8 million gross revenue. That is quite a lot.

But how can you make use of these insights to boost your Amazon business?

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