Save the date: March 8th 2022 @11:00 AM – Amazon Market Insights Webinar – Category “Electronic Toys”

Next month, we’ll continue our popular Amazon Market Insights Webinar series with the category “Electronic Toys” on Amazon DE.

Did you know that toys have been around for about 4000 years? The stick is considered to be the world’s oldest toy, closely followed by the doll. 🧸

But which toys are favored by kids in today’s digital world?

While the category “Electronic Toys” covers a wide variety of products, most orders are generated by Boomboxes & MP3-Players. 

From Q3 to Q4 the market share shifts towards higher priced products like robots or electronic pets, since these make great Christmas gifts. 🎁

The effect of Christmas sales is also reflected in the orders, with a demand in Q4 that is about 130% higher compared to Q3. 

But how can you make use of these insights to boost your Amazon business?

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