Save the date: Nov 9th 2021 @11:00 AM – Amazon Market Insights WebinarCategory “Hair Revomal Women”

What do we know about the users’ search & buying behavior in the category “Hair Removal Women” (Haarentfernung Damen) on Amazon DE? 

Let’s start with a small fun fact: 

The German word “Epilierer” is very prone to spelling mistakes. Shoppers are searching for “epilator”, “eppellierer”, “depilator” etc., but luckily the Amazon algorithm is very good at recognizing spelling mistakes and manages to display the correct search results.

Even though “epilierer” is incredibly hard to spell, it is still the most searched term in that category, generating about 10% of the whole traffic. 

When it comes to branded search terms “braun” takes the #1 spot.

With 64% of branded search traffic this brand is far ahead of their competitors. The only other brand that comes remotely close is Phillips with 32%.

After that, the other branded search terms barely make up  ~1% of the search traffic each.

But how is all of this important for scaling up your Amazon business?

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