Toys for kids often address certain age levels. Is that reflected in consumer’s search behavior?

Our Consulting team gathered some interesting insights about age-related inquiries in the category “Toys” on Amazon:

  • Only 4.2% of the total search traffic is age-related. So, the majority of users do not include an age in their search terms.
  • With generic searches, the traffic share of age-related searches increases to 7.7% So if consumers do search in relation to age, they usually don’t have a specific brand in mind.
  • 51% of age-related traffic is regarding toys for children between the ages of 1 and 3 years
  • Only 1% of branded search traffic is connected to age.

Based on these insights we recommend to review your keyword focus for Amazon Advertising based on the target group of your products:

  • Toys for small children should include age-related keywords. Make sure that spending is in line with the search share.
  • The older the children, the less search is related to age, so focus on interests.
  • If you offer toys for grown-ups, focus on consumer passion points, complemented by branded keywords.

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