Black Friday and the holiday season are just around the corner. But what can you do to be perfectly prepared for these special times? Here are 6 helpful tips:

Analyze performance from previous Amazon retail events

Use historical learning you made during past holiday events as a foundational roadmap. Be aware of what worked and what didn’t to scale success across your portfolio.

Optimize supply chain & assortment

The increased traffic during (holiday) events comes along with an increased demand you should be prepared for. Make sure to optimize your supply chain & assortment beforehand. The last thing that should happen during such an important season is a supply shortage or shipping problems that can ultimately leave your customers unsatisfied.

Many shoppers wait for these seasonal events to make great deals & bargains, which is why you should consider offering deals and promotions with competitive pricing.

Plan your retail media holistically

Try developing agile & flexible media plans to help your brand generate awareness, aid in consideration & drive conversion. 

Amazon Ads has an increasingly large pool of video-ad opportunities like Streaming TV ads on Fire TV and IMDb TV, which is worth looking into.

Prioritize holiday content updates

Make sure to keep your product detail pages and storefronts up to date, highlighting special seasonal offers. Additionally, it is always recommended to use Stores insights reporting to optimize accordingly.

Experiment with new formats

Test & learn Amazon’s latest beta features like video with shoppable links, Amazon Live and actionable ads, because it can never hurt to have another tool in your belt that helps you reach the right shoppers.

Optimize continuously

Last but not least it is important to constantly monitor activity and measure performance, because without the right metrics you won’t be able to make qualified decisions.  

Also, have contingency plans at hand – you can never rely on that everything is going to work out, which can have an impact on your sales.

Are you ready for Black Friday & the holiday season?