Monitoring consumer behavior and responding to it in a reasonable way can be of great impact to advertisers. Recommendations for  this year can be derived from last year’s shifts.

Amazon provides the 4 most important points to be well prepared: 

✔️ Adapting to consumers’ new ways of living

Despite the lockdown, customers still want to be able to buy online and offline. Health and safety have become key buying considerations.

✔️ The convergence of brand and digital commerce

It’s been underappreciated how well brand and digital commerce complement each other. It has become essential to be where consumers are and where they engage.

✔️ Taking a customer-centric approach to marketing and advertising

Holding daily stand-ups together to focus intently on ruthlessly prioritized objectives, realizing the value of resilience and truly empathizing with customers will help taking this approach.

✔️ Learning and iterating while thinking long-term

This is about leaning into analytics to learn what’s going on and adapt, thinking long-term by investing in new products, channels or services, thinking about how safety, health, and robustness need to be built into the marketing plans.

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