2020 was the most successful year for e Commerce marketplaces in over a decade according to estimated worldwide Amazon GMV!

The tragic COVID-19 pandemic clearly had a positive impact on some segments of the economy. E-Commerce grew steeply, and marketplaces captured most of it.

The following aspects were central to the growth of the GMV (Gross Merchandise Value):

  • businesses managed to build and scale on the Amazon marketplace
  • software and service firms enabled these businesses
  • investors were funding and acquiring these businesses

In 2020, sellers on the Amazon marketplace sold an estimated $295 billion worth of products, increasing their sales by $95 billion, up from $200 billion in 2019.
As e-Commerce boomed during the pandemic, some marketplaces have greatly benefited, a few prepared for the future, while others were caught unprepared to react. Etsy, Walmart, Amazon, and to some degree, Target were the four big winners.

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