Sponsored Brands Creation & Management – Now via metoda Ad Optimiser

20. May 2019 in Amazon Advertising

Sponsored Brands Creation & Management  – Now via metoda Ad Optimiser

metoda is introducing an exciting new feature for Amazon Advertising that enables the automatic creation of Sponsored Brand Ads (aka Headline Search Ads). Learn more about its benefits here.

Optimize Sponsored Brands at a Higher Scale for Customized Communication

With the new Sponsored Brands Campaign Creation feature, the times of manual creation of Sponsored Brand Ads have passed. Now it is possible to automatically set up campaigns via the interface and manage them on the same platform as Sponsored Products Ads. Suitable keywords are derived from metoda’s Ad Optimiser database in the same manner. This allows for a much faster creation and facilitates the handling of campaigns tremendously.

In addition to the improved set-up, there are more extensive opportunities for optimization:

  • Realization of individual strategies tailored to client goals
  • A/B testing of creatives for better customer communication
  • Implementation of metoda’s best practices

Thus, optimization cycles shorten, and we can achieve a more effective messaging in ads and better results within a shorter time span.

We are currently starting the first campaigns with dedicated accounts and are very excited to share results soon.

Get in touch with us now to learn how you can implement this new feature!

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