Online AmazonWorld Convention 2020: our CEO talks about Amazon’s Market Power and the Impact of COVID-19

28. April 2020 in Events

Online AmazonWorld Convention 2020: our CEO talks about Amazon’s Market Power and the Impact of COVID-19

We are proud to hold a speech at the Online AmazonWorld Convention 2020, which is part of the Internet World Expo. The leading trade fair for e-commerce and multichannel-commerce was postponed due to the Corona virus situation worldwide but is now taking place online in 2 weeks on May 13th & 14th from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm each day. Read more below!

Online AmazonWorld Convention 2020 on May 13th & 14th: ‘Sell, Advertise and Analyse’ on Amazon

Amazon is still the market leader in the world of e-commerce platforms despite the current COVID-19 situation. In order to be successful on Amazon it is important to act fast and get input from experts in the field. That is exactly the aim of the AmazonWorld Convention. It is the information platform for every trader who wants to secure the future of his business with the help of digitalisation. Due to the Corona Virus situation, this event had to be postponed. Now we finally have an update: It is taking place in less than 2 weeks on May 13th & 14th as an online conference with our CEO talking about Amazon’s market power and the impact of COVID-19.

Highlight: Talk about Amazon’s Real Market Dominance with a special Analysis on the Impact of COVID-19 on the Ecommerce World

One of the AmazonWorld Convention‘s highlights will be the speech on May 13th from 10:00 – 10:30 am of metoda’s CEO Stefan Bures about the E-Commerce Germany Report for which metoda has provided the data. Two editions of the report have already been published with us participating. Read more about the E-Commerce Germany Report in our earlier blogpost here. Additionally to this, Stefan will talk about the impact of COVID-19 on the ecommerce world and what developments and changes we have been observing and can be expecting in the near future.

The talk will give insights into the world of Amazon and its real market dominance in Germany with a special analysis on the impact of COVID-19. Overall, it helps retailers to better understand and classify the market position of Amazon and potential competitors. Come and find out more about the developments and growth of the online business during this time and Amazon’s real market dominance today.

What else to expect?

Expect to find all products and services that are changing the way people shop on the internet, but also in stationary retail – exclusive lectures by top digital commerce professionals and many practival presentations. The Online AmazonWorld Convention 2020 offers a sophisticated range of congresses and seminars but also a great place for networking and exchanging knowledge with other experts in the field. Get the latest tips & tricks about sales strategies, performance, marketing, campaigns and more.

You are interested in finding out how to push and maximize your sales on Amazon beforehand? Our metoda Sales team is excited to talk to you, no matter if you want to get more practical know-hows for your online business or about the possibilities of Amazon Advertising.

Get your tickets for the Online AmazonWorld Convention 2020 on May 13th & 14th now!

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