NEW: E-Commerce Germany – Market Report for Amazon & Co. – the Influence of ‘Deal Days’

25. March 2020 in Research & Studies

NEW: E-Commerce Germany – Market Report for Amazon & Co. – the Influence of ‘Deal Days’

For the second time we have published together with digital kompakt, the University of St. Gallen, Lehrstuhl für Entrepreneurship, and Etribes a report about the German E-Commerce and Amazon’s real market dominance in Germany. Read more below!

Uncovering Amazon’s real Market Dominance

The E-Commerce Germany Report (short: ECG-report) gives an overview and insights into the developments of the online business and an extensive evaluation of the competitive situation on and beyond Amazon in Germany. The aim is to provide insights and a deeper understanding, to create more transparency and to highlight opportunities and risks.

If you want to know more about Amazon’s real market dominance and how online business grows year-on-year, read our previous blogpost ‘E-Commerce Germany – Market Report for Amazon & Co.’.

‘Deal Days’ dominate the E-Commerce World

Periods of increased willingness to buy are one of the core factors influencing sales in the e-commerce world, especially on Amazon. The classic here remains the Christmas business. This is heralded by the ‘Cyber Week’ – the biggest bargain hunt of the year – at the end of November. The central day is then ‘Black Friday’, which has always been one of the most important shopping days in the US. The deal fireworks finally culminate in the so-called ‘Cyber Monday’, which was created as its online counterpart.

In order to push sales even during the summer break, Amazon has created the “Prime Day” in 2015: more than 100 million members of the company’s own Prime Program worldwide benefit from numerous discounts for two days.

How to get your copy of the report: You can find the official shop for the report at:

Making the most out of Deals and skimming the Profits

If you are on the right track, you can make clever use of discount periods such as Cyber Week and Prime Day and generate enormous sales. In order for you to do this, your own products have to be offered as an official deal on Amazon.

It is advisable not to fall back on articles that are currently taking up too much storage space, but rather on top sellers in which users are genuinely interested and which meet the necessary relevance criteria. This includes “Advertising Readiness”, which is determined by the corresponding information content of the product detail page.

Check out and try our free ‘Retail Readiness Check’ and receive a detailed report with recommendations – the first step to ensure your Amazon Advertising products are set up for success.

How metoda supports you in boosting your Amazon Advertising

The discounted products can then be specifically pushed through Amazon Advertising campaigns and thus achieve the highest possible visibility. For maximum performance, it is best to place the management of your campaigns in the hands of proven experts. Combined with an automated, AI-controlled bidding solution, it definitely saves valuable time and resources.

In addition to the “regular” Amazon advertising campaigns, the advertising format DSP (Demand Side Platform) is particularly suitable for pushing offers. Thanks to Amazon’s comprehensive data on user behavior, together with an intelligent targeting algorithm, the relevant target group can be individually composed and addressed. DSP campaigns are therefore a highly relevant part of Amazon’s marketing repertoire, which we successfully implement for our customers.

Do you want to boost your Amazon Advertising and get the most out of your campaigns?

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