E-Commerce Price Study: Most Best Price Offers available on eBay

15. October 2019 in Research & Studies

E-Commerce Price Study: Most Best Price Offers available on eBay

We conducted a comprehensive study about prices in the German E-Commerce market in collaboration with our internal data collection service Price API. Read more here!

Evaluation of top 10.000 products on idealo

At the behest of eBay, we did research with the goal of examining the prices in the German E-Commerce market and their respective providers – shops and marketplaces. On that account, public data of the top 10.000 products on idealo, one of the largest German price comparison portals, were retrieved and analyzed.

To compare the prices the lowest offer per shop or marketplace per day and product was evaluated within a time frame of 14 days. The study displays the top 20 shops and marketplaces according to their assortment coverage. Thus, the representative players in the market are included and the necessary comparability is provided.

Highest Share of Best Prices on eBay

eBay and Amazon – Leading Providers considering Price and Assortment

Based on the publicly available data of idealo, a price index was formed in the course of the study. This KPI indicates a shop’s or marketplace’s relative price compared to the lowest market price. It is calculated by dividing the daily offer price by the daily minimum market price per product.

Results show that both eBay and Amazon including Marketplace are the leading online retailers in terms of price and assortment. eBay has the lowest price index with an average of 110, followed by Amazon including Marketplace with a value of 111. This means consumers can not only find the largest selection of popular products on these platforms but also the best prices.

Most Top 1 Offers available on eBay

The largest number of offers with the lowest price can be found on eBay. If you set your focus entirely on this platform, you can purchase an item with an average of 10.50€ cheaper than on Amazon including Marketplace.

Check out the complete price study here!

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