International Amazon Advertising Survey | 2019

24. April 2019 in Amazon Advertising

International Amazon Advertising Survey | 2019

metoda is launching a survey about the usage and best practices of Amazon Advertising on an international scale. Read on & learn more!

New Insights on Amazon Marketing

We are proud to announce the kick-off of our yearly International Amazon Advertising Survey 2019. As experts in AI-based Retail Media solutions we are keen on providing fresh in-depth insights on Amazon Advertising (aka Amazon Marketing Services) and its competitor landscape.
The comprehensive results will be a benefit to brands that already use formats such as Sponsored Ads and the ones who are planning to implement these into their marketing strategy.

How much do others Spend on Amazon Ads?

The International Amazon Advertising Survey 2019 tackles exactly these topics:

  • Which industries rely on Amazon as their major sales channel
  • How much budget do they invest on the platform
  • Usage of the various ad formats like Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands
  • Adoption of the DSP feature for remarketing
  • Best practices for campaign handling and optimisation

Join our survey and learn how you perform against your competitors!

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